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Birthday Time!

Learn It Stitch It is nearly 4 years that time I've had the immense pleasure of seeing people bring their ideas to life through sewing...from novices to confident and accomplished Stitchers. In those 4 years some people have come and gone but they've left behind their bit of history by producing something really wonderful or simply learning a completely new skill. Here's a little look and some of those people and their projects...enjoy :)

Img 6107

Before I go any further I have to mention the Cake you may of spotted in the heading of this post...a little something for Tim on one of his Birthday's and a nice lead into the very person who's been with Learn It Stitch It since its inception and now a very accomplished Stitcher who continues to learn new skills. Here he was making a quilt for his Dad...and more recently has made and lined his own coat.

Img 2559

Here's Tim with two of his friends in the Learn It Stitch It Studio...he was in the early stages of making his famous red coat as you can see...and it was his Birthday, what better way to celebrate than with friends and a sewing machine :)

Img 6073

Tim is also now one of a Stalwart group of Boys who have Wednesday evenings all to themselves. Together Tim, Gabe, Ian (and more recently) Marco, make up this group and as such Wednesday evenings are some of the most industrious in the Studio. Here is Gabe, Ian and Tim last year showing off some of their makes...

Img 6729

Gabe is now past his 2 year Learn It Stitch It anniversary having started as a complete novice wanting to make a Pencil Wrap and case for his Daughter...and more recently made one of his biggest makes, a memory quilt for his Wife Louise...

Img 4780
Img 0109

Gabe has gone on to make lots of other things for his Friends and Family and is very much Mr. Christmas with a multitude of makes to help make his home extra Christmassy. Here he is with aforementioned Wife Louise, who was the recipient of sewing session gift from Gabe. Louise ended up making a beautiful cross-body bag for herself.

Img 6195

Here's me and Charlotte who has since left to study Couture Fashion...

Img 4048

Katie here who had a lovely Baby Boy...and made a lovely quilt for him...

I can't tell you how many beautiful bags have been made in the 4 years Learn It Stitch It has been's a couple...including a wonderful bit of jeans up-cycling from Jackie...there has been lots of other clever up-cycling too by the way...far too many projects to list here :)

And many more makes have come and gone's a few...a phone stand, a Teepee and fiddle-quilt for Dementia sufferers...

And some extra special occasions have also been projects in the Studio...Amanda made her own dress to wear at her vow renewal in the Maldives and Charlotte made her Mother's wedding dress...

I could go on...:) Suffice to say that the last four years have been utterly many great students and so many lovely projects. I'd say I have the best job in the world as a result and so I'd like to thank all those students that make it completely worthwhile. Keep stitching :)

Naomi x

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