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Christmas Charity Stitch 2019

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The Learn It Stitch It Christmas Charity Stitch is on Sunday the 8th of December 2019 from 12noon until 5pm...a perfect opportunity for Learn It Stitch It students to get together, chat, eat nibbles and sew a Christmas Gnome.

Here's the Gnome we'll be making and how...:)

Step 1.

Cut out a body and base in the same fabric and a hat in a contrasting fabric.

Step 2.

Bottom: On the bottom piece. Put a running stitch half a centimetre in from the edge using a thick thread.

Step 3.

Pull the treads to gather the circle. Put in a curtain weight or 2p and stuff but not too full.

Step 4.

Body: fold in half, right sides together and stitch up the straight side. Use a small stitch.

Step 5.

Turn it inside out. Push out the point at the top. Fold under 1/2 cm of fabric round the bottom. (Use an iron if one is available).

Step 6.

Stuff until full to two/thirds down the body.

Step 7.

Put the base into the body until there is just about 2cm sticking out.

Step 8.

Hand stitch them together. This stitch will be hidden by ribbon, so don’t worry about how neat it is!

Step 9.

Add the ribbon to cover this seam by wrapping it round, folding over the end and adding a couple of stitches.

Step 10.

Hat: fold over bottom edge by 1/2cm and press if you have an iron.

Step 11.

Cut a length of tasseling to the same size (about 15cm) and stitch it to the hat.

Step 12.

Fold in half right sides together and stitch along long side using a small stitch.

Step 13.

Then turn it right side round and stuff the top two thirds, give the hair a hair cut to about 7cm.

Step 14.

Pop your Gnomes' hat on and stitch in place.

Step 15.

Add a nose then maybe a button, hat pom-pom or bell.

And there you have it...a lovely Christmas Gnome! :)

Hope to see you on Sunday.

Naomi x

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