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Face masks

Hello lovely!

Ok, here are the written instructions to go with the video for the face mask. Sorry I can't get the images to rotate the right way round........ tip your heads!

Start with the pattern: Mark a rectangle 25cm x 18cm for a standard mask. (For a man, add 1 cm all round, for a child take 1cm off all round)

Mark 5.5cm down from the top and the sides to take of the corners

Next make the pattern for the lining. A rectangle 14.5cm x 15.5 cm. (again adjust by 1cm all the way round for child and man)

Img 2434

Cut out two of each for each mask.

On the larger piece, put right sides together and sew the two ends as shown in the picture. Leave long top and bottom bit open. Seem allowance 10mm.

Trim corners, turn inside out and press.

Mesure a line 5.5cm from the top and bottom and press along these lines. NOTE they will not be in line with the shape, and shouldn't be!

Neatly top stitch on the machine close to the edge of this fold. 2mm or so.

Open out and press.....

Next sew down the longer sides of the lining pieces on both edges, turn inside out and press. 7mm seam allowance (about the foot width)

Now the very slightly tricky bit: Lay the lining on the RIGHT side of the mask and line up the top edges and sew.

The bottom bit will now not meet the bottom of the mask, it will be slightly short. It should be! Pull it down until they meet and sew the bottom line......

Turn the right way round. Fold it back up and press....

Now fold over the short ends by 1cm and press then stitch in place, leave room for the elastic so close to the edge!

This will catch the folds, that's right!

Origami time: You have to fold the edges back and I'm really struggling to say how! Look at the picture and you may need the video for this bit. Once folded in place stitch round the whole thing...... i.e from the new folds, along the top and around the bottom.......

Now thread 22cm of elastic through both ends and it done!

Clair has used thin cut strips of tee shirting and a button instead of elastic and I have seen some people cutting up tights!


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