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Make a pocket or two

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I bought the Top above because I fell completely in love with the circular pocket design on. So much so I decided to use the Top as an inspiration to create my own version, here's how I did it...oh and just to add...the Top cost me £39.00 to buy, making my own only cost £3.50...who doesn't like those kind of economics! :)

Mark out the circle size you want, cut out a semi-circle and two circles 2 inches bigger than your finished pocket.

Stitch around the circle to the finished size pocket (right sides together).

Having stitched it all the way round, cut it all the way round the inside, iron it and you should end up with a finished circle...

Then top-stitch round the circle, half-an-inch from the edge.

Cut out the pocket back and lay a semi-circle over the top of that.

Pin through the layers and top-stitch again close to the edge of the circle. Then over-lock through all the layers.


And you should now have a finished's my finished top...

The great thing about this design is that you can add so many details to make the pocket look extra snazzy...a plain top for example can be made to look really special by adding a different material for the back of the pocket or adding some applique to the pocket front. Have a your results on Social Media...I'd love to see the results :)

I'll be updating you on the latest 'makes' from the Learn it Stitch It Studio in the next post.

Happy sewing.

Naomi x

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