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Scrub Top!

Ok folks here are the instructions!

REMEMBER: 5/8th seams, fiddle if it doesn't fit, enjoy don't stress. They will love them. :-)

IF IT SAYS FINISH OFF THE SEAM: Overlock or zigzag the seam you have just sewn then press

The top is made of 7 pieces.

Front: V neck cut

Back: Round neck

Sleeves X 2

Front facing: V shaped

Back facing: Round neck

Pocket strip

1) Find the pocket strip and finish of the top edge by zigzag or overlocker then fold over and top stitch it down by about 1"

2) Now put it on the front panel (V neck) and put two rows of stitches to hold it on to form three pockets.

3) Sew the shoulder seams. Finish the edge and press backwards (Towards round neck side)

4) Now sew the shoulder seams of the two facings, finish off these little seams. Then finish off the outer edge of the facing.

5) Apply this to the neck edge of the top matching the shoulder seams and V then sew at 5/8ths, Right sides together.

6) Cut into this seam and cut right to the stitching at the V so that you can turn the facing and press it.

7) Add a row of stitching 1" in all the way round. I would use a ruler to mark where 1" is from each edge to get a neat V at the front.......

8) It's sleeve time! Yeah! There should be a notch in the middle of the sleeve. Match this up with the shoulder seam and put right sides together so that the sleeve is placed over the body and stitch then overlock this seam. You only need to do the sleeve not all the way to the bottom of the body.

9) do the other one!

Img 2316

10) Now we sew the seam from the end of the arm to the bottom of the scrub. It's important that you line up the pocket edge into this seam as you pin it.

11) match the underarm seam as well and stitch then finish this seam on both sides.

12) Nearly there! Finish off the bottom of the sleeves and the hem of the scrub. a) If you have an overlocker, overlock and then turn sleeves under by 5/8ths and hem by 1"

b) You can zigzag the same way

c) You can roll the edge over then over again and topstitch

13) add a label. If you have a printed one just tack it to the back, so it can be taken out. If not just use a pen and add a scrap of cloth with the size on it.


Well done you. :-)

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