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Scrub Bottom

Ok folks here are the instructions!

Remember 5/8th seams, fiddle if it doesn't fit, enjoy don't stress. They will love them!

If it says finish off the seam: Overlock or zigzag the seam you have just sewn then press it to the back or bottom.

There are just 4 bits to the pattern. Two fronts and two backs! One for each leg........

The front is the one with a smaller curve and one notch.

The back has a bigger curve and two notches.

1) Make a pair not two the same! Lay a front on top of a back with the curves facing right and lay one front on one back with the curves facing left. Picture 1 not picture 2!!!!!

2) Sew down the outside leg seam (the long one with no curve!) Finish this seam with overlock or zigzag and press towards the back.

3) Sew the inner leg. It might look like it doesn't fit as the front is smaller than the back. Put the seams together by pulling it over to meet. Stitch then finish this seam.

4) Now neaten up the first 6" of the front seam. Zigzag or overlock.

5) Turn one leg the right way round and insert it into the other leg so that the curved seams are now together.......

6) Now sew this seam as shown in the photograph. 1cm-2cm gap- round the rest.

7) Neaten the rest of this seam then press the top open so that there is a gap.

8) Neaten the top of the trousers then press over 1 1/4 inch.

9) Sew this over. If you are feeling brave put the cord in as you go. If not thread through after.

10) Either overlock and stitch or fold and fold again the hem and stitch up by 5/8th inch.

11) Add your label with a size. If you don't have a printed one just add a scrap of fabric with a S M or L on...

Yeah! Finished.

Well done you. :-)

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