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Time to return!

It's time to return at last. Hurray!

You will spot some major changes in the workshop though to keep us all safe and well.

Firstly I must ask you not to come to class if you feel at all unwell, if you cancel because of Covid fears or because you are in isolation you will not be charged for the lesson.

When you arrive please stand apart outside if you arrive at the same time as someone else. When I answer the door I will ask you to come in one at a time having taken your temperature and you have sanitised your hands. You will be asked to wear a mask until you have reached your sewing bay.

I will be wearing a visor at all times but will not be able to stay 2mtr from you to teach. I will be sanitising my hands between bays and changing clothes between classes.

There are now three sewing bays and the workshop has been stripped down to basics. Each bay has somewhere to put your coat etc, a sewing machine and an overlocker and they are 2mtrs apart.

The 4th bay is just for the iron! If you need to press just check that nobody else is on the move and wipe after use.

The drinks trolley has become a sanitising station: Gel, gloves, masks, wipes but no drinks. :-(

Lots of the small stock has moved to my kitchen. If you need thread, zips, tools, machine feet etc I will collect it for you and then you can pop it in the basket for sanitising. You are welcome to use all of it though.....

The workshop still has materials, patterns etc in it but I would ask you to allow me to get anything you need to save extra handling.

I'm going to ask you to bring your own drinks, scissors, pins and tape measure though if you have them...

I shall still allow you to leave work in your boxes as all will be clear after 72hrs.

Sadly these two will be in the kitchen......

I hope these actions will keep us all safe and am really looking forward to welcoming you all back.



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