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Tis The Season To Get Sewing

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Christmas is coming making it an ideal time to get sewing...decorations for your house & your tree, an advent calendar and of course...handmade gifts for your friends & family. Everything you make is a message to your home, a friend and a loved one that shows you thought about them and what to make them...and Christmas is a great time to do just that. This post will be a brief look at some of the many makes and ideas that pass through the Learn it Stitch It Studio each year.

Hopefully you'll find some inspiration here...Tis The Season To Get Sewing :)

You'll need an Advent Calendar first and whether you use a 'bought' panel or you make your own from scratch...they're an opportunity to either increase or decrease the amount of calories behind each day!

Time to move onto your house and your Christmas Tree's some lovely hanging decorations and some very sweet felt mice that made a Christmas Tree their new home...

The last posting dates for Christmas cards will come quicker than you think (especially for cards heading overseas) if you really want to push the about a Christmas card made using free-motion embroidery...

You'll no doubt start to think about the Christmas table too...there are some really makes that would really create some personal touches to your table design...handmade napkins, table runners, cutlery collars and one of the most popular in the Learn It Stitch It Studio are these really simple, but effective, fabric wreaths that make ideal centre pieces.

Of course you need to be ready for Santa calling in on the 24th of December...and apart from a mince pie and a glass of milk, he'll be looking for a stocking to leave presents in...this is a really nice make that can be elevated to something really special & luxurious. Names can be embroidered or appliqued on, the collar of the stocking can be a contrasting fabric, and if you really want to go the whole-hog, you can line your stocking too.

A couple of Christmases ago I decided to get a bit more Green about the use of wrapping paper and instead made some present bags out of calico embroidered with my families names on. Now I use these each waste! And why stop's a bottle bag that Tim made that's also totally reusable.

And with the wrapping sorted...its time get thinking about be honest this post would go on indefinitely if I was to list all the many gift ideas that have been created in the Learn It stitch It Studio...but to name a few...handbags, tablet stands, bean bags, shirts, dresses, quilts...the list is literally endless when you've got some fabric and a sewing needle to hand :)

Whatever you decide to make this Christmas...enjoy making it and enjoy the reaction you get from what you've made, by those that mean the most you. So get sewing and make it a very Merry Christmas.

Yuletide Felicitations to you all! :)

PS - The Learn It Stitch It Christmas Charity Stitch is on the 8th of December between 12 & 5pm...we'll be making Gnomes this year!

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