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Travel Inspiration / Studio Update

During my recent travels to Cambodia I was inspired by the architecture and temple carvings to make a quilt to go in my guest room. In the night markets I purchased a number of silk scarves in lovely jewel colours and some black ones to frame it. I took my photos, traced them onto interfacing and then used a free motion embroidery technique to quilt them onto the Silk. Once embroidered they are being framed in black then bound. It’s a big make so not completed yet, but I hope this might inspire you to do something similar. Makes a change from a photo album!

The Learn It Stitch It Studio was recently expanded and the whole space re-configured and updated. After a few weeks in service the room is bedding in really well and we've had some lovely feedback from students...

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“There is so much more space in the studio, the space is epic”

Gabe, Leicester

“Its a lovely working space. The expansion has allowed me to meet new people”

Bev, Shepshed

“Its so bright, light and spacious and a room with a view”

Barbara, Lutterworth

“I loved the room before, I love it even more now”

Mandy, Whitwick

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Some of the improvements have included the addition of height adjustable cutting tables to aid good posture. This has also increased the amount of cutting table space as well so the room and students being able to circulate more around their project.

There is a availability for new students, so please contact me for more information.

I'll look forward to updating you with some of the recent projects in the next post.

Naomi x

P.s. SEWING BEE! Yeah.

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